ProComp CH2

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ProComp CH2


Innovation isn’t something that happens overnight. 

Working through the inherent steps that coincide with research and development, we are proud to expand on our new line Professional Composites. In order to maintain and identify with our tag line, unrivaled innovation, Glen sought out the strongest and lightest composite on the market to pair with our 2018 HAVAK line.

We begin with the finest carbon fiber and meticulously hand build each stock layer by layer here in the USA.Our mono-carbon technology is unique in that it eliminates the exposed core allowing us to build the strongest and lightest stock on the market.

The barrel channel and action inlet are formed around our core during layup thus completely encasing the stock with 100% carbon fiber. Unlike others, the core of our stock is not made of foam, but instead a proprietary ISO-fiber. It’s a fibrous composite that isolates harmonics and vibration which in turn reduces felt recoil.

The barrel channel is uniquely designed to maximize stiffness in all directions to preserve the integrity of the free floating barrel under recoil. The action inlet is made with clearance built in and eliminates any potential movement.

Pillars are installed during the process and wrapped with carbon for maximum strength and sit perfectly on the M5 bottom inlet.
Threaded inserts reside in the rear allowing for simply installation of recoil pads and stock spacers to suit any sportsman’s preferences. Two anti-rotation QD sling mounts are installed with one from sling stud to mount a bipod, and another stud location prepped and ready to be inserted.
This stock comes with a recoil pad and is ready to use the moment it reaches your hands.
*Stay tuned for more pictures and options in the days to come!



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