Pro Comp Stocks

Pro Comp Stocks

Pro Comp Stocks

  1. ProComp 10x

    Just when you were wondering what we could possibly think of next.. We are proud to introduce you to our latest innovation, Professional Composites by Seekins Precision.

    • 100% Designed and Manufactured in the USA
    • Usable on all Mil-Spec AR15 and AR10 platform rifles
    • Mounts to rifle-length receiver extension tube
    • Rigid and light weight adjustment cheek and recoil pad with solid lock up
    • Rubber recoil pad comfortably absorbs recoil for faster follow up shots
    • Three Anti-rotation QD sling swivel mounts
    • All steel parts coated with ArmorBlak coating
    • Proprietary high impact composite material
    • Weight 19.8 oz
  2. ProComp CH2

    Innovation isn’t something that happens overnight. 

    Working through the inherent steps that coincide with research and development, we are proud to expand on our new line Professional Composites. In order to maintain and identify with our tag line, unrivaled innovation, Glen sought out the strongest and lightest composite on the market to pair with our 2018 HAVAK line.

    We begin with the finest carbon fiber and meticulously hand build each stock layer by layer here in the USA.Our mono-carbon technology is unique in that it eliminates the exposed core allowing us to build the strongest and lightest stock on the market.



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