AR Accessories

AR Accessories

AR Accessories

  1. SP Safety Selector Kit

    • 90 degree standard throw lever
    • 60 degree short throw lever
    • Available in black or color anodize
    • Drop in replacement for Mil-Spec selector switch
    • Fully ambidextrous
    • $39.99
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  2. Enhanced Bolt Catch

      The Enhanced Bolt Catch is a drop in upgrade for any MIL-SPEC lower receiver. The innovative design makes dropping the bolt or locking it back much easier than the standard button.

      • Large, diamond textured button for positive operation
      • ArmorBlak coated durability and smooth engagement

  3. Melonited Gas Tube

      Built to MIL-SPEC dimensions and exceeding the standards, Seekins Precision gas tubes are available in rifle, mid-length, carbine and pistol lengths to accommodate any AR platform.

      • Made to MIL-SPEC dimensions
      • Melonite coated to resist corrosion
      • Roll Pin included
      • Available in multiple lengths

    • $17.00
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  4. Standard Gas Block .750 dia

    • The Seekins Precision Standard Gas Block ensures proper function of the gas system. Like our original adjustable gas block it is designed with a low profile allowing it to fit under most any hand guard.
    • Melonite Coated to reduce wear and corrosion for extended periods of fire, it also makes cleaning easier, as carbon build up will not adhere to the non-reflective coated surface as much as it does on standard Parkerized finishes.

  5. Billet Trigger Guard

      A quick and easy to install upgrade, the Billet Trigger Guard made to allow use with winter gloves and eliminates the uncomfortable gap between the grip and mil-spec trigger guards.

    • Allows use with winter gloves
    • CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum
    • Easy to install drop in replacement for mil-spec lower receivers
    • Available in different colors
    • $19.99
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  6. Low Mass Bolt Carrier Group

      The Seekins Precision Low Mass Bolt Carrier Group is a significant upgrade for M16 and AR15s. Used as part of a tuned gas system, it can help reduce felt recoil for improved follow up shot capability. Compatible with all full auto sears or RDIAS and Melonite coated for durability, the Low Mass Bolt Carrier Group exceeds MIL-SPEC requirements.

      • Approximately 1.4oz lighter than standard bolt carrier group
      • Lighter weight helps reduce recoil
      • Drop in upgrade for M16s or AR15s
      • Melonite coated to reduce wear and corrosion
      • Exceeds MIL-SPEC requirements

    • $229.00
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  7. M16 Bolt Carrier Group

      This drop in upgrade for any M16 or AR15 exceeds MIL-SPEC requirements. Auto sear and RDIAS compatible, the Seekins Precision Bolt Carrier Group is Melonite coated for durability and ease of cleaning.

      • Drop in replacement for M16 or AR15
      • Melonite coated to resist wear and corrosion
      • Exceeds MIL-SPEC requirements

    • $150.00
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  8. Billet Mag Release

      The Billet Mag Release Button is a drop in upgrade for any AR Rifle. CNC machined from a solid piece of aluminum, you can have any color you want as long as it’s black, or green, or blue, or red…

    • Diamond texture for positive engagement
    • Made from 6061 billet
    • MIL-SPEC Softcoat Anodize
    • Comes in different colors
    • $5.99
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  9. Low Profile Adjustable Gas Block .750 dia

    • Seekins Precision's Adjustable Gas Block allows you to fine tune your rifle's gas system.
    • The gas block is designed to be field adjustable.
    • A brass friction screw is used to lock the adjustment screw in place.
    • Turn adjustment screw in to lessen the amount of gas and out to add more gas.

    • $59.99
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  1. Adjustable Gas Block
  2. Bolt Carrier Group
  3. Enhanced Bolt Catch
  4. Gas Tube
  5. Mag Release
  6. Trigger Guard

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