Precision Rifle DBM

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Precision Rifle DBM


A smooth and consistent reload is essential during both tactical and competition use. The Precision Rifle DBM magwell features an oversized magwell which enables mag changes to be smooth and carefree. Our ambidextrous mag release is neatly tucked into the trigger guard thus preventing any accidental releases. The front of the magwell has knurled barricade stop protecting your magazine and allowing solid shooting positions throughout any application.

Works with all short action patterned R700 receivers.

Please note:
This is not a drop in replacement bottom metal for factory rifles and some inletting of your stock may be required. If you are ordering a custom stock specify M5 DBM inlet. Correct pillar height is essential for proper feeding, use the supplied pillars or pillars of the same length.    

  • Works with all short action patterned R700 receivers
  • M5 Inlet
  • AI pattern magazines
  • Large magwell lead in
  • Front barricade stop
  • Billet Aluminum
  • Mil-Spec TypeIII Hard anodized
  • Pillars and screws included


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