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Part 2: The Reputable Side of Me

Before I began my career at Seekins Precision, I remember thinking AR’s didn’t serve a purpose in my life. Many of my friends enjoyed them, but why would I (personally) ever need one? I had my shotgun for waterfowl, a shorter-range bolt action rifle, and a long-range precision rifle. What would I need an AR15 for? But it came full circle when I realized this deep-rooted fallacy grew from my inability to see their usefulness, and me not being comfortable with such a foreign platform.

I was lying in bed on the second night checking and reading comments on the Seekins Facebook, when suddenly the lights went out in the hotel. I thought about how odd it was, turned on the flashlight on my phone and pointed it towards the corner. I had two freshly cleaned rifles and at least 600 rounds of ammo. I smiled. Guns are tools. Tools that for me provide a feeling of safety and security. I remember thinking I may be a rookie, but I am a damn good shot. I could hear a little bit of ruckus in the hallway, but I turned off the light and sleep like an undisturbed baby.

The final day brought about a new wave of confidence. We were going to shoot in different positions using barricades, and implement all that we had learned.

I chose Glen’s rifle to ensure it was sighted in for coyote hunting with my father the next morning. It was a 3-Gun rifle as well, with blue accents and a 18in barrel. It was heavier, and whacked me in the shin when I had it slung around my neck. It was big, mean, and aided me in securing a first-place title.

There were three timed/graded events. Once the Marine said prizes would be awarded, my interest peaked. On the second event, I shot 36 rounds at six different targets in 26 seconds and missed center mass a few times. The final event was the military’s standardized test based out of 300 points. At 260 points, I was placed in the 80th percentile.

The class was somber as we completed our debriefing. We went around the table and each spoke on the biggest take away from the class. I laughed when it was my turn. I recalled my inability to close an action, to using and maneuvering the rifle as if it were an extension of my body.

I was cocky the first day, got my ass kicked the second, and gained a reputation by the third. Throughout the three days I picked the instructors minds on the other courses Magpul CORE offered. In my opinion, they could double the price of the classes and it would still be worth every penny. The instructors were professional, caring, treated safety as the number one priority, and had the perfect balance of serious and goofy. Throughout the three days all I could think while working near these impressive instructors, was how lucky we are to have men like them fighting for our freedom.

I find it hard to express what a pivotal moment this class was and how empowering it felt as a young woman to learn different tactics to protect myself, my home, and my loved ones. I left the range each day sore, sprouting new bruises, noticing more blood, and had a face of leopard spots from getting hit with brass casings. It was rewarding, and unforgettable.

A Magpul stock was my trophy for first coming in first place.

And I am excited to say, let the building begin.

Part I: The Rookie Side of Me

It began with a text message from my boss saying “Don’t embarrass me at that course lady.” Attached was a meme of the notorious “shame” scene on Game of Thrones.

It was official, I was off to Magpul Carbine 1 class.

Returning from lunch I was ecstatic. I saw Katie Seekins in the hallway and hugged her long enough to blur the lines of awkward and acceptable. She informed me that I would be taking her personal competition rifle. It was a sweetheart. The Seekins Precision 3-Gun with a 14.5in barrel. It was black for the most part, and had a gold trigger and red accents.

I was foolish enough to thank Glen Seekins too, because by the end of our conversation I was also toting his personal competition rifle. No pressure, right?

I traveled four hours away to eastern Washington state and checked into my hotel.  After lugging the two guns, a tool box, 1,500 rounds of ammo, and my own gear up to the room, I was finally settled and began filling up mags.

With the equal mix of nervousness/excitement, I started watching the most basic of YouTube videos pertaining to the AR platform. Truth be told, I was a rookie. I was 100% green aside from shooting them at tannerite in college a few times. But a gun is a gun.  Whether you own a bolt action, shotgun, AR, or even all three we agree on the very foundation of firearms, the Second Amendment.

I got lost in the morning on my way to the range within neverending fields of hops. This isn’t a city you want to get lost in, and although it’s dramatic I remember picturing an old fashioned shoot-out, and how easy it’d be to dump my body. I was relieved to have found it when I did. But being ten minutes late on the first day wasn’t a great start.

The class was run by a former no-guff style Marine sniper and a Navy Seal with a southern accent. After safety talks, introductions, and a briefing of the course we filled mags and set out for shooting. We were told to face down range and load our rifles. I awkwardly put the mag in and turned the rifle back and forth trying not to panic thinking “how the hell do I jack one in the chamber?!”

I looked back at the Marine with sad, help me eyes, and he said “ping pong.” He showed me how to close the action then watched me do it reminding me to never waste movements. I could feel my cheeks begin to heat up from the meticulous inspection.

The first drill was sighting in our rifles from the prone position. I threw my raincoat on the ground for a rest and relished having my body pressed against the earth while I nuzzled my cheek into the stock.

Time began to slow. I could hear the instructors but my mind was transported through a nostalgic can of worms from memories past. I thought of having my brother and my father by my side. I was lying in dirt and elk shit in the mountains of Colorado staring at my buck standing 400+ yards away from me.

“Shooters, standby.” The instructor shouted.

I was plucked from the day dream and thrown back into reality. Five shots in the first target.

“Fire,” I heard.

I started getting hit by the brass on my left, and glanced to my right and watched the others shoot. It was the first time I experienced rapid gun fire surrounding me. It was thrilling. I re focused. Lined up the crosshairs and squeezed the trigger until I felt pressure. I timed my exhale and between heartbeats, I fired.

The trigger was 2.25lbs, and my god, nothing gets me going like a feather trigger. Each shot I took was precise. I wasn’t chasing crosshairs, instead I let them blur until I was solely focused on the target. The next four shots rang out faster. I knew they felt good and my comfort and arrogance began to rise.

The instructors made their rounds after each target to guide improvement. They looked at my target and told me to start putting the bullets on top of one another. After looking at the other targets, it was clear I had the best groups.

I sent my bosses a photo of the target that read “I wake up in the morning and piss excellence.” I received am meme back, this time with Han Solo saying “Don’t get cocky, kid.”

But by the end of the day it was too late. I was aboard the arrogance ship sailing into the carbine 1 hurricane. I fumbled when swapping mags, and kept getting told to slow down-- but the perimeters of being “slow” is always diminished by my ego. I was forgetting how many times I shot, and any extra shots, or too few counted against me. I also kept anticipating the mag to be empty, instead of relying on feeling the rifle not reload itself.

I was told I was doing great, and learning fast! But the kind words and smiley faces drawn on my targets weren’t good enough. I was desperate to be faster, more precise, and more fluid.

By the end of day one I had torn a hole in my jeans and had blood from small cuts seeping through. My hands were visibly bruised and my fingertips were raw from loading mags. After day one, I brought everything up from my hotel room once more and dumped it on the floor. I laid down face first on the overly bleached bed and replayed the day in my mind.

After eating Mexican food and praying Montezuma’s Revenge would spare me, I sat on the edge of the bed and practiced in the mirror. I held eye contact with myself and didn’t allow my eyes to wander to the gun and my manipulations. I heard the instructor’s voices in my head with each executed action.

I awoke in a sea of empty magazines, Katie’s gun lying next to me, and my clothes and boots from the day before on. I scrambled to get out the door. I got lost for about ten minutes, but made it in time to conquer the drills ahead.

The drills I thought I had mastered were tweaked. The difficulty level increased tenfold and I felt like I was struggling once more. My accuracy was still the top of the class, but basic weapon manipulation seemed like a 10-point process that I mistakenly thought I had down. The latest addition was clearing jams and practicing “Tap, Rack, Roll.” I loathed it at first, but learned to enjoy the sheer excitement of pulling the trigger unsure whether or not the gun would fire or contain a dummy round.

Timing was also introduced on day two. We repeated drills that kept us humble and reminded us that you can only shoot as fast as you are accurate. Little did I know that hearing the deep “boooop,” of the shot timer would follow me to bedroom via nightmares.

Behind the screen

Hi all!

Hannah here reporting to you live as the new Social Media Coordinator of  Seekins Precision. I’m not a fan of the mouthful of a label, but in a nutshell, they’re paying me to create memes and figure out which logo to slap on the side of a coffee mug. I’m hoping to gain some entrepreneurial skills from Mr. Seekins himself and invent a safe yet affordable way to main line coffee, because without it I would be worthless.

I can’t say I’m surprised that I got this gig, because when you have the gall to say “CENSORED, poop, and CENSORED,” during an interview and the interviewer’s laugh instead of looking at you as if you’re the spawn of Satan, you know you’re home.

I’m not a big fan of the mundane aspects of anyone’s life including my own, so I will spare you the uninteresting parts.

Before Seekins made a solid choice in me…

Born and raised in Olympia, WA, I left as soon as I could in pursuit of a degree and a place that didn’t contain so many... I believe we refer to them now as snowflakes. The people, scenery, and overall mentality is unlike anything I experienced before. Also, wearing camo and cowboy boots every day is welcomed, not frowned upon.

I was able to stuff my foot in the door within the outdoor industry as an intern for one of the top hunting apparel companies. This is where I was spoiled rotten and encouraged to sprout my quirky wings. I had realized for many years the constricting corporate environment was anything but conducive to my success as a young professional. I swore I would never “work another day in my life,” and although I’ve been hanging out at Seekins eight hours a day, I haven't worked.

My passions, you ask?

It is no debate that any monumental moment in my life was spent outdoors. Whether it’s hunting, hiking, camping, or feeling the back end of my 4Runner whip around going from pavement to gravel, the outdoors is essential to my existence. I got my hunting license and first buck at the age of 12. I was hooked on the adrenaline produced by the harvest, the peace found in escaping city life, quality time spent with my family, and as a young woman; the power of self-reliance. I was made for this industry.

Writing is a secondary passion of mine, I figured combining the two would be a match made in heaven. Indeed, it is, and in my free time I freelance for different online publications as an outdoor writer.

Alongside guns, nature, and writing is my number one girl, Eb. She’s four months old, has four legs, permanent bed head, and a beard. She’s a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and soon to be waterfowl/upland bird hunting machine.

Seekins Precision thus far,

There is a constant, yet therapeutic buzzing of CNC machines that becomes white noise as morning passing to evening. Whichever room you are in laughter can be heard reverberating down the hallway. Although we’re a bunch of smarty-pants, you’d be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable, innovative group of genuine people.

I couldn’t be more proud to work for this company, and to become the newest member of the Seekins family.


Meet Eli.

ELIThis is Eli, our Programming Director.


First time you shot a gun: what gun & with who?

.22LR Rifle , with Dad, Grandad, and 2 brothers.  Age 10

Have you ever made up an illness so you didn’t have to go to work?

Yes, but never in my adult career.

Best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

A good friend recently told me I’m “the most confident first time dad.”

Have you ever taken dance lessons?

Yes. My wife and I took swing dance lessons for our first dance at our wedding.

If you could retire tomorrow what would you do?

Go camping and ride my RZR until winter, and then    Snowmobiling would commence.

If you could be trapped in a TV show for a month which one would it be?

Walking Dead, I’d take my Seekins AR and shoot some Zombies in the face!

Do your socks match right now?

Yes, but I’ve been fooled before.  Recently it was my shoes that didn’t match, oops.

Would you eat a bowl of worms for $1000?

It would have to be a damn small bowl.

If you could lock one person in a room for a day to torment them, who would it be and how would you torment them?

                 That kid with the lifted Diesel pickup. (You know the one, he’s in every city in America.)  He would be forced to breath the same smoke or “coal” that he rolls out of his exhaust every time he takes off for his imaginary race from stop light to stop light.

Have you ever tipped a cow?



Getting to Know Mr. Seekins

glen x2How better to get to know someone than through a random series of questions, posted along side a picture of them hard at work.


If no one is watching what do you make yourself to eat?

Most likely dinner, I eat what I want!

Last time you farted and blamed it on someone else, who did you blame it on?

Katie Seekins

First time you shot a gun: what gun & with who?

My dad, I was 2 and it was a .357 pistol…. I was too little and mom wasn’t so impressed.

How old were you when you had your first kiss?

I’d say 5 …Dads advise was try them all, so I started early.

Have you ever made up an illness so you didn’t have to go to work?


Best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

From employees, when they say best company they have ever worked for.

First thought you had this am?

Crap, I have to do lunch for everyone today.

Would you eat a bowl of worms for $1000?

Not a chance.. I don’t think I could eat a entire bowl of them. That’s a lot of food, I'd get too full.

If you could lock one person in a room for a day to torment them, who would it be and how would you torment them?

This one chick that works for us, Sunny, I'd make her eat a bowl of worms!

Last pic you took with your phone?

The boys wrestling. Chase (2) had Gunner (6) in a pretty good choke hold!

If you could be any age for a week what age would it be?

8, pretty sure I can get away with about anything at that age…

Have you ever eaten glue?

Who hasn’t? If someone says no then they just lied…

What item do you lose most often?


What’s the longest you have gone without sleep?

3days, usually just before SHOT Show.

What’s your favorite word? Least favorite?

Favorite… I dunno, Least is can’t.

Have you ever tipped a cow?

No, but I have tried, they're heavy.

Have you ever been in a food fight

Of course! I have a little sister.

Mountains or beach?

Mountains, but why can’t I have both?

Weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Uni, I'd rather eat someone else’s boogers if I had to choose.

What do you think Victoria’s secret is?

He’s a dude…

What cartoon character do you most resemble?

Elmer Fud

Would you rather go a week without bathing but be able to change your clothes or a week without changing your clothes but be able to bathe?

I’ve done both and I choose a shower… you can wash your clothes too.

If you could be trapped in a TV show for a month which one would it be?

Dukes of Hazard

Do your socks match right now?

No, but they are really really close.

The Gun Vault - Brought to you by B. Soltero





Seekins SP15 Forged Upper

 Seekins SP15 Forged Lower

Seekins MCSR V2 12" Keymod Rail

Seekins Adjustable Gas Block .750

Seekins Ambi-Safety Selector (Red)

Seekins Billet Mag Release (Red)

Seekins Billet Trigger Guard

Seekins Enhanced Bolt Catch

KAK 10.5" Mil Contract Over-Run 5.56 Barrel

KAK Shockwave Tube & Blade Stabilizer

SpringCo (White) Buffer Spring

LBE Unlimited Standard Carbine Buffer

IWC QD End Plate & White Oak Castle Nut

White Oak Lower Parts Kit

ALG QMS Trigger w/ JP Tactical Spring Kit

Fortis Hammer Charging Handle

Fathom Arms Enhanced Nitride BCG

Troy HK Style Front/Rear Dual Aperture Irons

Noveske KX3 1/2x28 Flash Suppressor

Magpul MOE+ Grip

Thank you B. Soltero for sharing your build with us!

The Gun Vault Brought to you by K. Lugpong


20150430_081645THE BUILD:

Upper Receiver:
-Seekin Precision billet 223
-Seekin Precision MCSR V2 15" Keymod Handguard
-RCA enhanced BCG
-PRI charging handle with combat latch

Lower Receiver:
-Seekins Precision SP223 Gen2 with Logo
-Geissele SSA trigger
-Bad-Ass ambi safety
-Ergo tactical grip with palm shelf
- **CA Tacticool Bullet Button**
- **CA High Cap. "10"/20 pmag

-Noveske stainless barrel
-pinned low profile gas block
-Intermediate  gas system
-1:7 twist rate
-AAC Blackout 51T flash suppressor

-Magpul UBR
-Magpul enhance buttpad
-Magpul Aluminum strike plate
-Quard quick release sling mount
-JP Silence Capture

Optics & Sight:
-Burris C4 Plus 4.5-14×42mm, 30mm tube
-Burris P.E.P.R bolt-on mount
-Burris 3" sunshade
-Dueck Defense RTS iron sight

-Parker Hale
-A.R.M.S#42 mount


Dealer Spotlight - Hells Canyon Firearms

image3Brian from Hells Canyon Firearms shares with us how he got started and a little bit about his company:  HCF initially started as something to keep my mind busy as I was recovering from shoulder surgery.  I researched the steps needed to get my FFL during this time.  The business model of HCF has always been to have fun, make enough to support my own habit and to provide all customers with a competitively priced  product. HCF is something that I do part time out of my home as I do work full time as an electrician.  Since I don't have a store front I try to be extra accommodating and as flexible as possible when meeting with customers. I can be reached by email phone 208-816-4432, Facebook and Instagram.  Hours are by appointment only. HCF stocks exclusively Seekins Precision  products and tries to keep the majority of them in stock along with a selection of items to complete your rifle build needs. Although HCF upon occasion has other firearm types in stock, HCF stocks mainly Seekins Precision  products and tries to keep the majority of them in stock along with a selection of items to complete your  rifle build needs.  Quotes   on firearms are extremely easy and highly encouraged.   Why do you choose Seekins Precision as your  go to AR-15 manufacturer? Brian: During the first year of HCF I learned about Seekins Precision which also quickly coincided with the black rifle scare of 2013. It always impressed me that during this time when some were price gouging SP never changed a single price. In fact the only price changes that I have seen in the last three years have been decreases due to manufacturing process improvements. I have always liked supporting local businesses. SP makes this decision effortless.  Not only are their rifles functional and reliable but the design is unique and highly sought after. These traits make SP products easy to sell.  Coupled with their extraordinary sales department and customer service I am looking forward to many continued years of selling SP products.   Hells Canyon Firearms is our neighbors and known for their speedy & reliable service! We are happy to know and work with them!   Are you a dealer that wants to be spotlighted too? Send your info to  we would love to feature you!image1

The Gun Vault - Brought to you by Kristopher King

The Gun Vault

11215961_914609785264589_789779952_n 11257656_914609781931256_105602748_n 11216204_914609788597922_153372679_n

All Magpul furniture FDE

MOE + grip

A2 stock

AFG 2nd gen with 6" seekins keymod rail

MBUIS sights

Lower is a Joe Bob's Outfitters Spartan 1 billet lower

Upper is a Seekins Precision IRMT-R Upper

Handguard is Seekins Precision MCSR V2 KeyMod Rail 15"

Barrel is made local in rathdrum ID. I bought it from RiverCity Pawn in P.F. ID from Ron Anderson. I ordered the barrel to my specs. 14 1/2" carbine length with 1/7 twist on a 223 wylde.

Seekins melonited gas tube

Seekins adjustable gas block BattleComp 1.5 compensator

Seekins Enhanced Bolt Catch Seekins billet mag release

SCT Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group Nickel Boron trigger

KNS anti walk screws

Strike Industries dust cover

Billet laser spartan enhanced take down pins

Jp captured buffer standard a2 buffer tube Vortex Sparc II

Photo finished with a FDE base coat and then hydro dipped in condensed kryptec highlander patteren

I forgot to mention it's an ALG trigger

Magpul noveske ambi selector lever


Thank you K. King for sharing your build with us!

The Gun Vault - Brought to you by J. Rogers


20150429_125605 20150429_125958 20150429_130012

The Build


















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