Hello, valued dealers!

We have had a great start to 2020 and thank every one of you for that. As the year progresses, you have our promise that we will continue to innovate and create new products that your customers will want, and you will be able to sell!

We are very excited to announce that this summer we will be launching our brand new and totally revised website! This website will contain many new features that will make purchasing easier for dealers and enable better communication with us here at Seekins home office. As part of the transition process, the dealer portion of our existing website will immediately be shut off due to its faults. Until the launch of the new site, we ask that you submit purchase orders to us directly--you may do that by sending them to sales@seekinsprecision.com or danny.nelson@seekinsprecision.com. We apologize if this creates any sort of inconvenience, but it will only be for the next few months as we progress toward the new, amazing site! Thanks for your willingness to be flexible in the meantime, and we look forward to fulfilling your orders!