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The 3G2 is designed and built as a no holds barred 3gun competition rifle. By combining the best configuration and components available with the industry’s leading quality and precision standards, the result is a rifle that’s optimized for any competition or sporting application.

Building the ultimate competition rifle starts by combining the proven iRMT-3 Upper Receiver with an SP223 Ambi Billet Lower Receiver. Both are CNC Machined from 7075-T6 billet aluminum. The iRMT-3 Upper Receiver’s hand guard mount is machined into the upper to strengthen the receiver and maintain accuracy throughout long shot strings. Seekins’ SP223 lower receiver has an ambidextrous bolt release and selector switch as well as the Seekins Precision Billet Mag Release button to make weapon manipulation smooth and quick, even in adverse conditions. The beveled mag well assists with rapid, positive magazine changes. Coupled with the receiver is the Seekins Precision SP3Rv3 M-LOK hand guard. Free floated and flat on the bottom, the SP3Rv3 gives you two points of contact, adding stability for precision shooting. Both receiver and the hand guard are Mil-Spec Type III Hardcoat Anodized matte black.

The Seekins Precision 18” barrel was chosen for both quick target acquisition as well as long range performance. Our barrels are inspected four times to insure match grade tolerances for maximum accuracy and performance. Chambered in .223 Wylde, the barrel comes standard with the Seekins Precision Advanced Tactical Compensator. Designed using CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) analysis software to design the best compensator available, it reduces felt recoil and muzzle rise for quicker follow up shots that are so important in competition.

As 2018 rang in, it also brought about a new line by Seekins Precision, Professional Composites. The 3G2 now features the ProComp 10x precision AR stock. The ProComp 10x is for all AR style platforms, featuring an adjustable cheek rest and recoil pad. Ridged adjustments for cheek piece is accomplished with a push button with clamping feature to securely lock in place. The recoil pad is adjusted via spacer system and comes with two spacers as well as 3 anti-rotation QD sling points. The 10x precision stock is intended for precision or varmint style rifles providing a stable link connecting you to your rifle.

Tuning the gas system is critical to maximize performance and reliability. The 3G2 comes with the Seekins Precision Adjustable Gas Block, Rifle Length Gas Tube and M16 Bolt Carrier Group to fine tune the gas system for smoother cycling and operation. Melonite coated to resist corrosion and wear as well as aiding in easier cleaning, as carbon build up will not adhere to the non-reflective coated surface as much as it does on standard parkerized finishes.

Other high performance features include a Timney trigger factory set at 3lbs, a Magpul MOE+ pistol grip and the ProComp 10x stock by Seekins Precision.

  • Ready for 3 Gun competition out-of-the-box
  • iRMT-3 Billet Upper
  • SP223 Billet Ambi Lower
  • 18” Match Barrel
  • The .223 Wylde chamber takes advantage of .223 Remington accuracy while still able to safely and accurately shoot the higher pressure 5.56mm NATO ammunition.
  • ProComp 10x stock
  • Rifle Length Gas System
  • Timney Competition trigger factory set at 3lbs.
  • Seekins Precision ATC (Advanced Tactical Compensator) Muzzle Brake threaded in 1/2-28
  • SP3Rv3 M-LOK free float precision rifle hand guard
  • Ambidextrous bolt release and selector switch
  • Mil-Spec Buffer Tube
  • Melonited Adjustable Gas Block, Gas tube and M16 Bolt Carrier Group
  • Mag Pul MOE+ Pistol Grip
  • Weight - 8.2 LBS
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  • 36"Overall
  • 18"Barrel
  • 15"Handguard
  • Weight
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  • Stock ProComp 10x
  • Feed Ramp M4
  • Grip MOE Plus
  • Trigger Timney Competition
  • Selector Ambi
  • BCG Std melonite M16
  • Lower SP223 Billet Ambi Lower
  • Upper iRMT-3
  • Handguard 15" SP3Rv3
  • Gas Block Adjustable
  • Gas Tube Melonited Rifle Length
  • Barrel 18" SS Match Grade
  • Muzzle Device ATC Muzzle Brake


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Well worth it!

by Robert

Ive been inspecting jet engines and gas turbines since 91. Its usually pretty easy for me to find DiscrepancieS or anomalies. I recieved my gun a few days ago. Man, Talk about impeccable! The machining and finish is super clean. The trigger feels really good also. My first AR was a .308, by a very repUtable company whose name ill omit, it was a $3,500 gun. It came dirty with the recommenDation to clean it before sHooting. My SeekIns came spotless, with just a bit of carbon off the gas tube..no biggie, even the barrel was clean. i havent shot it yet, waiting on my scOpe. Ill tell you, the attention to detail is spot on. Im very happy with my purchase thIs far. Additionally, everone ive haD contact with in the company Was very helpful and courteous. Im sold, ill be back for the 6.5! Thanks!



by Michael

The title says it all!! If you are looking for the best all around AR out of the box, look no further. If it's made by seekins it's made right!

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