New Products

New Products

  1. Havak Element

    These rifles are built to order.

    Seekins Precision’s next phase of Unrivaled Innovation- the HAVAK ELEMENT. Drawing from years of precision AR rifle experience, and our successful HAVAK line, Seekins Precision has created the hybrid, ultra-light-weight hunting rifle. Utilizing aerospace grade 7075 aluminum to encase high strength stainless steel and our Mountain Hunter contoured fluted barrel, this rifle weighs in at a mere 5.5lbs. Combined with Seekins’ Lifetime and Shooter Satisfaction Guarantees this lightweight HAVAK puts you in your ELEMENT.

    • HAVAK ELEMENT billet 7075 aluminum action body
    • 20 MOA integrated Picatinny rail
    • Integrated bubble level
    • Integrated recoil lug
    • Helical extraction cam
    • Hard anodized black finish
    • Trigger: Timney Elite Hunter set at 2.5lbs
    • Full diameter bolt body for smooth bolt operation
    • Heat treated alloy steel bolt head
    • 4 locking lugs with 90 degree bolt throw
    • M16 style extractor
    • Spiral fluted billet 7075 aluminum bolt body
    • 5/16" threaded and removable bolt knob
    • Threaded muzzle (5/8" x 24) with thread protector
    • Camo carbon composite stock
    • Detachable carbon fiber 3 round magazine system
    • Extended cartridge overall length (COAL) our magazines allowing up to 3.14 Short Action
    • Weight: 5.5lbs

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