New Products

New Products

  1. RVL-R6

    Rapid Variable Locking system- Rail 6 slot

    • 6 slot Pic-rail - compatible with any Pic-rail mounted accessory - bipods, lights, lasers, fore grips, etc.
    • M-LOK™ compatible RVL toolless attachment system
  2. RVL-UBM

    Rapid Variable Locking system- Universal Bipod Mount

    • 8 slot pic rail allows easy attachment for Picatinny rail bipods
    • Integrated Harris style bipod mount
    • M-LOK™ compatible RVL toolless attachment system

    Mounted Rail Attachment System- Rapid Variable Locking system

    • Works with any Arca Swiss™ style clamp- Tripod, bipod, shooting bags, ball heads, etc.
    • M-LOK™ compatible RVL toolless attachment system
    • Rapid, on the fly position change on weapon for shooter adaptably

    Now available for pre-order.


    Seekins Precision’s MRAS provides shooters with a strong, durable, and light weight rail easily attached to any MLOK handguard. The MRAS’ unique scalloped design reduces over-all weight and serves as locking positions for the MRAC Clamp.


    Seekins Precision’s MRAC Clamp is our newest shooting accessory which accompanies our MRAS rails.


    Looking to take your hunting rifle to the next level? Seekins Precision’s IRAS is the answer.  Integrated directly into the stock the IRAS gives you the ability to mount any MLOK attachable shooting accessory...

  7. Bolt Carrier Group

    The Seekins Precision Bolt Carrier Groups are a prime example of why our slogan is "Unrivaled Innovation." Using the finest grade materials, machined to our exact specifications, and featuring our Element Surface Treatment, these BCGs cycle smoothly throughout prolonged engagements.

    • Element Surface Treatment
    • Magnetic Particle Inspected (MPI)
    • Linear Twin Ejectors - SP10
    • Mil-Spec dimensions - NX15
  8. Low Profile Adjustable Gas Block

    The Seekins Precision Low Profile Adjustable Gas Block lets you to fine tune your rifle's gas system for smoother cycling and operation. Regulating the amount of gas used to cycle the action allows tuning the rifle’s operation to a specific load and the use of low mass bolt carriers, buffers and springs to reduce felt recoil.

    • Available Diameters: .625", .750", .875"

    * Does not include gas tube roll pin