Upper Accessories

Upper Accessories

  1. MRAS

    Seekins Precision’s MRAS provides shooters with a strong, durable, and light weight rail easily attached to any MLOK handguard. The MRAS’ unique scalloped design reduces over-all weight and serves as locking positions for the MRAC Clamp.

  2. MRAC

    Seekins Precision’s MRAS Clamp is our newest shooting accessory which accompanies our MRAS rails.
  3. DNA Charging Handle .223

    Really, it's just a charging handle, a very non-ambidextrous one.
    • Textured grip
    • Non-ambidextrous
    • Ergonomic fit
    • Aesthetic design
    • Ease of use
    • $59.00
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  4. DNA Charging Handle

    Really, it's just a charging handle, a very non-ambidextrous one.
    • Textured grip
    • Non-ambidextrous
    • Ergonomic fit
    • Aesthetic design
    • Ease of use
  5. NX15 BCG

    Our NX15 BCG minimizes misfeeds and malfunctions by providing a smooth and reliable cycle. The NX15 BCG is a durable, semi-light weight option that comes ready to drop into your current rifle, or provide the foundation for your next.

    • Weight: 11.2oz
    • Melonite Finish
    • Magnetic Particle Inspected (MPI)
    • Mil-Spec dimensions
    • Forward assist serrations
  6. ATC muzzle brake

    Superior performance and unique, easy installation set the Seekins Precision Advanced Tactical Compensator apart from other muzzle devices. Stainless steel construction, innovative design and unrivaled reduction in muzzle rise and recoil make the ATC the best compensator available.

    • Innovative port design
    • Superior reduction in recoil and muzzle rise
    • 416R stainless construction
    • Bead blasted finish or Black Melonite
    • .223/5.56 and .300/.308 (½-28 or 5/8-24 thread pitch)
    • Starting at: $89.00

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  7. NEST Flash Hider

    The Nest Flash Hider is as innovative as it is effective. The unique design eliminates muzzle flash, is easy to install and is available for either .223 Wylde or .300 Blackout.

    • Unique design eliminates muzzle flash
    • Available with 1/2x28 or 5/8x24 threads
    • Does not make an audible “ping” when shooting
    • For .223/5.56 or .300 BLKOUT
    • Melonited Steel construction
  8. Low Profile Adjustable Gas Block .750 dia

    • Seekins Precision's Adjustable Gas Block allows you to fine tune your rifle's gas system.
    • The gas block is designed to be field adjustable.
    • A brass tipped friction screw is used to lock the adjustment screw in place.
    • Turn adjustment screw in to lessen the amount of gas and out to add more gas.

    * Does not include gas tube roll pin

    • $59.99
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  9. Select Adjustable Gas Block

    The addition of a suppressor, dirty conditions or even switching ammo are all factors that can lead to undesirable gas settings on your rifle. Our patent pending design was initially developed to fulfill an order in our Government programs which required the ability to run suppressed or unsuppressed in the field.

    • 40 position fine adjustment

    • Tool-less gas selection switch

    • Suppressed or unsuppressed

    • Melonite coated tool steel

    • Available in .750 and .875 DIA

  10. Accessory Rail

      Field adaptable and easy to install, Seekins aluminum KeyMod + MLOK Rails are the best way to mount accessories on any KeyMod or system hand guard.

    • Precision machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum
    • Mil-Spec 1913 Picatinny dimension
    • Type III Class 2 Hardcoat Anodized matte black
    • Alignment Stud machined in place eliminates movement
    • Mounting screws included
    • Snag free design

  11. Angled Forward Grip

    The K20 + M20's Inclined grip surface provides the shooter with better control of the rifle and ease in recoil management. Shooters will also find that the K20 +M20 allows for a faster response time and more accurate return of fire.

    • CNC Billet Constructed
    • Lightweight & Ergonomic
    • 1.8 OZ weight with hardware
    • Integrated QD Sling Mount
    • Anodized finish
    • Available in Keymod (K20's) + M-LOK (M20's)

    Please note: These are not compatible with the 7" MCSR Handguard

    • $49.00
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